At the Zoo

A woman goes to a zoo, and while there was watching the monkeys. A zoo attendant throws a box of fruit into the cage and all the monkeys scurried to get their share. One particular monkey grabbed a banana and climbed up on a limb and carefully peeled it. The monkey then stuck the banana up his rectum and pulled it out and ate it.

The poor woman who witnessed this was absolutely disgusted! She immediately went to the zoo manager to complain about the dirty monkey.

After explaining what the monkey did, the zoo manager said, “We have a perfectly good explanation for that ma’am.”

“Well, I would like to hear it then! I cannot imagine any excuse for that kind of behaviour!”, exclaimed the woman.

“Last week the attendant threw a box of fruit into the cage and the same monkey grabbed a peach…. The monkey ate it so fast he swallowed the pit.”

“I don’t understand”, demanded the angry woman.

“Well, you see the monkey had so much trouble passing the pit, now he checks everything for size before he eats it!”