The Worm

Little Johnny was playing outside in the garden one day when he pulled a worm from it’s wormhole. Johnny’s grandfather, who had seen the whole incident approached Johnny with a devious grin upon his face. He placed a $10 bet with Johnny that Johnny wouldn’t be able to put the wriggly worm back into it’s hole. Johnny gleefuly accepted the wager and proceeded to the house with the worm in his hand. It wasn’t long until Johnny came back from inside the house and carefully threaded the worm back into it’s hole. His grandfather gazed in awe at this amazing feat and told Johnny that he would give him the $10 if Johnny explained to him exactly how he managed to thread the worm back into it’s hole.

Johnny proceeded to tell his grandfather about how he sneaked into his sister’s room and covered the worm with his sisters hair spray until the worm was rock hard so that he could simply thread the worm back into it’s hole. His grandfather duly honoured his word and handed the money over to Johnny. The next morning Johnny was out playing in the garden again when his grandfather gleefully approached him and handed him a crisp ten dollar bill, but Johnny being the honest young lad that he was, handed the money back to his grandfather and told his grandfather that he had already paid him yesterday. His grandfather replied;
“Yes but this is from your grandmother”.