Problem 1. Some people are failing to see new jokes as they are published.

The reason is that your browser automatically stores pages you have visited. It’s designed to do this so that when you go back to a page you’ve visited before, it will appear quickly, without having to wait for the Internet.

This means that you see the ‘old’ page you saw before, not the latest version.

The solution. When looking at, hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard and press the ‘F5’ key. This causes your browser to ‘refresh’ and load the latest version of the page. You may need to do this each time you visit us (or any other site that updates regularly for that matter).

Problem 2. Your login no longer exists.

The reason is that your login name has not been active for some time, or is associated with spam. This site, like most, is subject to spam and malicious attacks, so if your registration has never been used, or appears to be sending spam, it will be deleted.

The solution. If you are not going to use this site for its intended purpose, do not bother registering. If you register with good intent, just tell us all a joke now and again to keep it active.