High Speed Motorist

A motorist is driving along at very high speed when he is pulled over by a police patrol car. The officer says to him, “Ok Lewis Hamilton do you know how fast you were going?”

The motorist replies, “Yeah I know I was speeding a bit, but I am late, I have to get . . .”

The cop interrupts him, “Not so fast. You’re not going anywhere except back to the station with me. You’ll have to wait for the Super to get back in a few hours and he’ll decide what to do with you then.”

The cop takes the man to the station lockup. After a couple of hours the cop says to his prisoner, “You could be in luck, the super is on his way back from his daughter’s wedding, he’ll be in a good mood.”

The motorist replies, “I doubt it.”

The cop snaps back, “Why do you say that?”

The motorist replies, “I’m the groom!”