Irish Medical Dictionary

ArteryThe study of paintings
BacteriaBack door to a cafeteria
BariumWhat doctors do when patients die
BenignWhat you be after you be eight
Caesarean SectionA neighbourhood in Rome
Cat scanSearching for Kitty
CauteriseMade eye contact with her
ColicA sheepdog
ComaA punctuation mark
DilateTo live long
EnemaNot a friend
FesterQuicker than someone else
FibulaA small lie
ImpotentDistinguished, well known
Labour painGetting hurt at work
Medical staffA Doctor’s cane
MorbidA higher offer
NitratesCheaper than day rates
NodeI knew it
OutpatientA person who has fainted
PelvisSecond cousin to Elvis
Post operativeA letter carrier
Recovery roomPlace to do upholstery
RectumNearly killed him
SecretionHiding something
SeizureRoman emperor
TabletA small table
Terminal illnessGetting sick at the airport
TumourOne plus one more
UrineOpposite of you’re out